Thursday, 10 September 2009


Just had my work placement in heavenly, a branding and marketing company, who from what I saw did good work and thinks about the whole picture. They design the logo but then think about where should it be placed and what could boost the company with PR stunts etc. It was interesting to see how a company works and how it works on a project. I got some really good training on Illustrator and Photoshop as we did the projects that included creating a logo and a brand extension to a project already done by the company. Here's the website which is a clever little website to have a look at.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple”

Sara Fanelli. A illustrator that I really like. Mixing work from illustrating books, menus and adverts that are visually beautiful. Having just seen the timeline she designed in London Tate Modern, her handwritten typography is lovely and could makes it easier to read in my opinion. Making what could be a boring time line look more playful. Her work mostly consists of things being hand crafted using collage and drawing creating work that is unique and playful.

Problem Solved

A book I read a month ago that I read fully in 2 days. Really interesting ideas about how to solve problems, obvious from the title. It gives you advise on how to deal with different scenarios and has good references for them. Inspirational ideas and good examples for a dissertation based on how ideas work or can be pushed.