Friday, 29 May 2009


Dada was a big group that radicalized typography in my opinion. They assembled their typography by pasting the letters in place for photographic reproduction. This ingenious idea to use writing as an expression of emotion allowed the Dadaists to protest the misguided rationality of society. They were the vanguards of graffiti artists and they used this radical typography as a signature to proclaim who they were and what they were about. Dada helped to free typography from “rectilinear restrictions; and reinforced the Cubist idea of letterforms as visual experience”. They pieces here are amazing and I do really like them. They inspired me because they combine typography and images so well to create work that is successful. You can see the thought behind the work and every letter is placed pacifically to give a message they want to say out. To be able to get your message across and still being able to make it visually interesting is exceptional to me.