Sunday, 11 October 2009

My Beautiful Poster I bought!!

For years now I feel that when some people create poster for theatre production, they're usually complicated and they really don't need to be. When I was in the Globe theatre in London I bought this poster that is now on my bedroom wall. The best 3 pounds I've spent : ) It’s just elegant and simple, showing in this simple illustration, the love between the two. Passing his heart to her. Brilliant.

Another photograph from ANTM

I really want to do a photo shoot with paint! It would be so much fun and if you do it right you might get the same result as this. Beautiful.


Whilst watching a old episode of American Next Top Model, they did a photo shoot where the models had to be like the show Fuerzabruta. A show from the Argentine creators of the long-running “De La Guarda,” is another entry in a dependable if not exactly venerable genre: theater for people who don’t really like theater. Patrons are not required to think, feel or even sit down for this hourlong sensory bath at the Daryl Roth Theater. Standing and gaping are all that is strictly necessary, although jumping up and down and dancing are intermittently encouraged. They were able to create amazing shots of them as you can see in the first photographs above. But what I really want to do is to find how I can go to see this show! The images below the photographs taken by the American’s Next Top Model look fantastic and want to see it. If I find out where and how I will let everyone know.

Julian Tevelyan

I came across Trevelyan who was interested in Surrealism. Influenced by Klee and encouraged by his friendship with Miró and Calder, he gradually developed his own mode of abstract Surrealism. In A Symposium, the image above, Trevelyan combined painting and carving and attached parts to the wooden panel. He later recalled: ‘I had invented a sort of mythology of cities, of fragile structures carrying here and there a few waif-like inhabitants.’ Simple but full of interesting parts and delicate looking. Might try to look at more ideas created by him to see if it can inspire me more in future projects.

Robert Smithson

A compelling designer I found in the Tate and forgot about till now. His work consist of a map depicts an area of the shore of Cayuga Lake in New York State. Starting at the Andrew Dickson White Museum at Cornell University in Ithaca, Smithson carried a mirror northwards to the Cayuga Salt Works. At eight locations, marked on the map with Letraset letters, he placed the mirror in the landscape and photographed it. The images in the mirror were not intended to record the sites themselves but, rather, to show nature reflected back at itself. Nice idea and it was similar to an idea I had in the silence project of a peaceful reflection.

A world without communication

With the silence project I mentioned, I’ve decided to go with my thought that silence is when someone doesn’t communicate, but does it have to be someone. Could it be when something doesn’t communicate? Everyday we are given information and people take it for granted. Thanks to Jemma she handed me a piece of paper that explained how communication whether it’s from a digital clock, t.v. Advert, Logo, boy or girl sign in the toilet, is all a form of this. This is defiantly what I would like to concentrate on. How the world would be silent without visual communication. As I think about it more and more I hope to be able to visually show this for the next meeting.

He is a sculptor, best known for his public art installations typically featuring very large replicas of everyday objects. I was able to see his work for myself and that’s the plug image above and I just found it to be very unique and fun side to looking at it all. I like looking outside of graphic design for inspiration sometimes as it sometimes looking outside of the box in different design environments. Fun to look at and sometimes out of the ordinary.

Alice and wonderland

I know I’m behind the times showing these photographs from the up and coming film of Alice and Wonderland but I just remembered about it. The make-up and the digital changes are amazing and I can’t wait to go and see it.

No logo

I Sao Paulo A fed up with the rampant advertising smothering his city, São Paulo's mayor, Gilberto Kassab, passed legislature last year effectively banning all outdoor advertising in Brazil's largest metro. Six months later, the removal of all the advertising is nearly complete and the city looks eerily vacant. Photographer Tony de Marco has a slideshow up on flickr documenting the decontamination of what Mayor Kassab has called São Paulo's "visual pollution" problem. Really interesting thought and combines a little with my idea of blocking communication. Images are powerful in themselves!

Post secret

I way of telling your secret without having to say who you are. A simple idea where you can unload your secrets and get them off your chest and you design them. This was a book that influenced me in a project last year. I love how Frank Warren decided to get his audience to participate in his project as, to me; it gives more of a personal touch to it all. Here are some of my favorites above.

Russian Revolution Posters

When visiting the Tate there was a whole section dedicated to the Red Star Over Russia. At first, few Russian political posters featured women. Those that portrayed female figures did so allegorically: women were used to represent abstract ideas such as freedom or liberty. In 1918, after women were emancipated in the communist revolution, posters had more realistic representations: women depicted as workers and purveyors of socialist thought. They were powerful, bold and thought provoking. Here are some examples of this. They really do stand out to me so I thought I would give them a mention. First posters that I’ve seen of this age that make women look powerful instead of dainty little women who just clean the house for there husbands like in American posters.


Finally have my photographs from London on my Mac : ) it was fun being a tourist and I would love to go back for couple more days. It’s addictive and full of life… but did have to push past a lot of people to get around.

London Tate Exhibition “No Ghost just a Shell”

The Tate galleries are always interesting in my opinion. They hold pieces of old art and design from the age of cubism, futurism, Vorticism and then have the modern exhibits. This gives me a sense of old and new coming together and seeing how the world has developed through the ages.

It was a great day and I managed to find a really interesting exhibit called “No Ghost jut a Shell” which dealt with image identity. The film and music industries, and the internet, face us with copyright questions nowadays. The project addresses those issues as well overlaps with questions about how identity and difference can be formulated today, given the current demand for the mastery of multiple individual subject realizations. It was different and fascinating to see for instance, a book with the branding of Ikea, being called ‘DIY of how to kill yourself anywhere in the world for under $ 399 by Jo Scanlon. The idea of using the a brand name that is know for it’s simple instructions is a clever and well thought idea. The best design in this, in my opinion, was the one, which included the title you can see above. To me it just symbolizes how shell have done bad things in the past and leavening a shell of a person. The concept of it is beautiful to me some how and every thought has gone to thinking where to put the text, image and paint. Great exhibition and the place it’s self is full of inspiration. Worth a visit.

Exciting first couple of weeks and more

I’ve had all my first tutorials now for the silence like I said and also for my dissertation, which was really handy. I knew what I wanted to discuss it was just the fact I had no references and needed help for finding more ideas. I have only got half of the books I was told to get as there not all in the library, which is so annoying. But I feel on track with many, many books to read this week as well as thinking of the silence project, this blog and cpt file… but I find my concentration going towards the up and coming trip to New York 3 weeks to go!!

Paul Rand

In my dissertation outline, I had a quote by Paul Rand discussing what graphic designers do, when Mac asked me if I knew who it was. Stupidly I replied that I didn’t. Maybe I was shy or my brain had stopped functioning for that second as I know he’s work form first year. He’s effective but simple way of designing has been used to create corporate identities for IBM, ford, ABC etc but my favorite is the IBM logo above where he has created symbols instead of text. He’s created the logos we recognise easily but had time to play around with it. A quote I found by him shows how he did like to think outside of the box and want to defamiliarize the ordinary, which I hope I remember when I do future projects

“From Impressionism to Pop Art, the commonplace and even the comic strip have become ingredients for the artist’s cauldron. What Cézanne did with apples, Picasso with guitars, Léger with machines, Schwitters with rubbish, and Duchamp with urinals makes it clear that revelation does not depend upon grandiose concepts. The problem of the artist is to defamiliarize the ordinary.”

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Book cover from seconder year

These are book cover designs I created last year in uni which I really liked doing and I'm quiet proud of them. We had create book cover designs that stood out for not being cliche for the list they gave us were well known books. I choose the Jane Austen collection of Emma, Pride and Prejudice,Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Abbey. It was a project that I pushed myself to get a better result and they tears payed off as I really liked them. So here they are.

Bridget Riley “Flashback”

A celebrated contemporary artist, during the early 1960’s she created black and white images that stood out in thier time. With work as well in color, her work is so detailed that she planned every piece right before she created them in a grid. Every piece of work was made with different papers but I did really like seeing how she figured out her plans as they seem so intricate and thoughtful to create her next piece. That was my highlight of the exhibition as I really like seeing how you can come to the final process.

National Conseration Centre: ‘Liverpool People” by Stephen Shakeshaft

A exhibitions full of photographs by this man who loved Liverpool and has captured the news and events from the 1960’s through to his retirement in 2005. He was able to create work full of nostalgic feel and every image had a story to tell. His says “Much of my work involved sports and news stories but there were often quieter periods when I might see an everyday scene making a great picture.” And this adds to my thought that he was able to catch the culture, political, social and the evolution of the city. Some images were of ordinary people but then there were images with famous people like Cilla Black and Paul McCartney, which shows how, yes he took images of the stars but then was able to show all sides of Liverpool.

This image caught my eye is the one with images of people. They have such stories in there facial expressions that you can relate to there stories. Seeing images like this that have such a heart felt story behind them, was lovely to see and it was a great way of seeing how Liverpool was seen in somebody else’s eyes.