Sunday, 11 April 2010

more experimenting..

My friend told me of how once she wrote a story saying how she took the "bog" for a walk an these are the ideas I came up with to illustrate this typical dyslexic mistake (mixing 'b' and 'd'). Color is a bit different on here but hey can't do anything about that!

Experiments for dyslexia project

Just a small update on work so far. Above are examples of how reading can be difficult with small, serif text as the words "disappear", jump out or letters get mixed up. Looked at how dyslexics spell words as they here them and how their hand writing is messy (below). Can't deiced if it's these examples work but thats what this experimenting stage is about. More work to do.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Just came across these posters when I was just browsing on the internet. They're from a website called changethethought which is like a creative community website. I think this is the kind of result I want to do for my Dyslexia project. Image and text based. Have a look at the website as there's lots of other nice things to find.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Panic.. Final idea!!

Seeing as I was looking as phobia as a theme and using a lot of different ones in my project, a friend pointed out that there is such a thing as having a phobia of phobias. This is called Phobaphobia and basically the person with this condition has one fear at first but then gradually starts to fear more. To me the mind then must play up these fears up constantly and must be going round and around the head where one fear fuels the other. This gave me a image of a machine going round like the brain working constantly. So I thought that I could show how the brain of someone with phobaphobia mind works by playing on fear with another. Heres the first image I designed.

I felt that something more needed to be done so I asked my tutorial group how what would they change? It was felt that the character was so bold and might take emphasis from the work. I needed to deiced what was most important in the image, and also they felt it could be a lot more complicated than it was. There wasn't that many phobias in there and could be done to extreme. So I listened and this is what came out.

The white background for the design was better than the color as you now see the images better. The brain on the bottom doesn't take all the focus away and there's more phobias included in it. This is the final image that I have handed into the exhibit as a A2 piece of work. The aesthetics of the of the image was questioned to whether it should look so cartoon like, however I find that I personally like this style I've worked with. It's definitely a way of drawing I liked but I have a feeling that because someone mentioned the style, I will try some other styles if time permits.

please, please come!!!

First idea for Panic brief

My idea. Instead of doing something really serious, I want to do a image response (as I don't really have any image work in my portfolio) where I create a character that is scared of everything. for instance they be scared of Clowns, lightning etc thats on a A5 piece of paper as you can see below.

Now I'm not a 100% on the idea of it! I like the idea and the illustrative way I've done it but i think more thinking is needed before giving it in for the exhibition.

A 2 week project "Panic"

Great opportunity for us as a year to do a exhibition in a gallery, based in the centre of Manchester. Maximum exposer for our degree show in June. The brief, to create a piece of no more than A2 size, motion or a book, under the theme of Panic. It's all to do with our response to the word and it's in 2 weeks time. A short brief that I can do well.

link to website:-