Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Helen Murgatroyd

Really lovely lecture from a designer we can relate to. She spoke to use about the work she did in university and then on to her MA printing course. Sweet girl who seemed very relaxed talking to everyone. Her work was lovely as well. Her drawing and mapping work was simple but still executed brilliantly. The printing work seemed different from her past work, which I found a bit of a shame, as her idea of using a pencil to map everything could have been expanded in my opinion. One thing you could tell though is that she really enjoys her work and the freedom she has to develop her style further. Her message was to take your time in finding your style, as it will come in time, which is so true. By experimenting we will find it. She was so great with her work and advice; I think I’m actually a bit jealous of her! Here’s her website.

Dead Man

Right, to get it out of the way, I have to say, I love Johnny Depp. Judge all you like, but I think he’s really good and some of his films are my favorites. However, I really didn’t like this film. Sorry Mac but I just didn’t understand it. I’m quite good usually at seeing the hidden meaning here it was hidden so deep I lost interest half way through. Some of it was quite humorous but I do hope the next film is easier to understand.

Craig Lecture

What a great lecture!! 100% better than the previous weeks lecture. Interesting and relatable, it even made me feel better about not knowing, or being good at everything. He made it fun and took time to make use a calendar with important dates, including the date of his birthday, and also 12 notes on what to do in your first year of leaving university (and now). His pointers were really good and I loved how have gave the lecture in a casual way which was really refreshing. A Great guy who didn’t want to “blow his own trumpet” when discussing his work, but made it fun of himself showing great self-knowing. Think it will take time for us to become like this but I hope it happens soon.


Well I hadn’t blogged about this lecture yet because I forgot about it if I’m honest and there isn’t much I can say about it. It’s hard to judge this lecture with the other ones because I felt it wasn’t useful at all. He discussed what we all already new about YCN. It was really dull as well, his voice was one tone and I found myself drifting in and out of the lecture, as I couldn’t concentrate. It just didn’t find it interesting. Sorry.