Sunday, 28 March 2010


Just came across these posters when I was just browsing on the internet. They're from a website called changethethought which is like a creative community website. I think this is the kind of result I want to do for my Dyslexia project. Image and text based. Have a look at the website as there's lots of other nice things to find.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Panic.. Final idea!!

Seeing as I was looking as phobia as a theme and using a lot of different ones in my project, a friend pointed out that there is such a thing as having a phobia of phobias. This is called Phobaphobia and basically the person with this condition has one fear at first but then gradually starts to fear more. To me the mind then must play up these fears up constantly and must be going round and around the head where one fear fuels the other. This gave me a image of a machine going round like the brain working constantly. So I thought that I could show how the brain of someone with phobaphobia mind works by playing on fear with another. Heres the first image I designed.

I felt that something more needed to be done so I asked my tutorial group how what would they change? It was felt that the character was so bold and might take emphasis from the work. I needed to deiced what was most important in the image, and also they felt it could be a lot more complicated than it was. There wasn't that many phobias in there and could be done to extreme. So I listened and this is what came out.

The white background for the design was better than the color as you now see the images better. The brain on the bottom doesn't take all the focus away and there's more phobias included in it. This is the final image that I have handed into the exhibit as a A2 piece of work. The aesthetics of the of the image was questioned to whether it should look so cartoon like, however I find that I personally like this style I've worked with. It's definitely a way of drawing I liked but I have a feeling that because someone mentioned the style, I will try some other styles if time permits.

please, please come!!!

First idea for Panic brief

My idea. Instead of doing something really serious, I want to do a image response (as I don't really have any image work in my portfolio) where I create a character that is scared of everything. for instance they be scared of Clowns, lightning etc thats on a A5 piece of paper as you can see below.

Now I'm not a 100% on the idea of it! I like the idea and the illustrative way I've done it but i think more thinking is needed before giving it in for the exhibition.

A 2 week project "Panic"

Great opportunity for us as a year to do a exhibition in a gallery, based in the centre of Manchester. Maximum exposer for our degree show in June. The brief, to create a piece of no more than A2 size, motion or a book, under the theme of Panic. It's all to do with our response to the word and it's in 2 weeks time. A short brief that I can do well.

link to website:-

Tonsillitis is a pain!!

Since February, I've been poorly and had no voice. After a billion tests and 5 weeks of being sick, they finally found out what the problem was! I've had tonsillitis for a year (who knew that could happen) and in 6 weeks time I'm getting them out : ) Sounds a bit... well gay.. but having not being able to do as much work as I wanted/needed to do this term has made me so frustrated and realize that I'm going to miss being in university, in the studio doing work. Having people around to bounce ideas off and seeing some work in progress helps you to do your work! I will miss that a lot when we leave and hope I find a place to work at that feels the same!

It's been 7 weeks and I still have a husky voice but feel better than I have been. I have one project nearly done (I'm just about to talk about that one), the dyslexic project is half way through the experimentation stage and I have 6 weeks to do ad least 2 more projects. I'm giving a warning to you, my family and friends. I'm still alive, just need to get things done!!

Alice and wonderland... finally seen!!

I had a longly waited for this film! It was hipped so much and yet I found myself telling people "yeh it was good.". I thought I'd be coming out saying it was amazing but I didn't. The design of it all, costumes, images were all great but i found myself thinking that it wasn't needed to be in 3D. I could have easily appreciated the same things if it was in 2D. The story was good as well but I found Alice a bit boring. She just didn't have much facial expression and felt she was dull, but maybe she could have been told to play the character like that so that the other characters would look more. Good film though and would watch it again, just not as amazing as I thought it would be.

Nice find!!

Fun image using the ends of a christmas tree to make the type. Clever!

"Visible signs"... a great help!

Great book for finding out about language etc! Great for the project I'm on and just for interest for people who just want to learn a bit more!!

Back track on the Dyslexic project!!

Instead of waiting for the information of descriptions of what is seen by Dyslexic (which is quite hard to find because, like I said, no one has tried to look at this side of Dyslexia in a visual way) thought it be good to have a mini project in between. It opens up the project to look at a area that will help with ideas for the final year.

"Look at the interplay of text, language and understanding to create a body of experiments"

So needed to look at the 3 topics and then set boundaries for instance "try to make the word shout actually Shout" this will just help to experiment a bit more. Get the ball rolling.

Decision on next brief

I'd been told that my approach to the removal of text in silence and my play with text and image in LBi were the strong points to my first year terms work. So now I had to find a project that would show my strengths even more... it was hard than I thought it would be! I couldn't find any projects that grabbed my attention and therefore decided to create my own brief. I came up with two! I changed one brief from the National Eisteddfod, so it would show my strength with typography, from "Convey the spirit of activism in the struggle for language, culture and politics in Wales" to a
smaller brief

"explore the struggle of Welsh language".

My first language is Welsh so I could do the project easily but without making it too patriotic. The other brief was

"by investigating into Dyslexia, try to visualize how people with this, sees things differently"

How a word seems correct to them when it is spelt wrong or how they see a big bloc of text differently to others.

I went with the second. I'm dyslexic so again it is personal but I honestly believe it's ironic that many of us are visual people but there actually isn't anything out there that visually shows how we see things. Only a lot of books out there that most find really hard to read! So it be very interesting to see what descriptions I get from others as well as my own to create this work.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Cube Gallery Exhibition

Went to see a exhibition back in February as my friends invited me along as they had heard it was a must see. Along I go to the Cube with no knowledge of what I was going to see but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Alan Fletcher: Fifty years of graphic work (and play), had some of the commercial work that he had done, which was interesting. I had no idea that he created the Victoria and Albert which I do like for it's strength. It has lasted years and stood the test of time!! How can you not respect it.

I did however find myself steering to words the design he had created just for play.

The typography collages, that were hidden down stairs, were my favorite in my opinion. You could see all of the letters he had saved and examples of the collages were in these beautiful framed in a simple way that the work was crispy clean to catch your eye. His clever way of using & to represent the "b" in the word brew, were just so simple it just seemed to make me smile. By not having any preconceptions going to this exhibit, I found some real inspiration in this place where as others had thought it was a bit of a disappointment form having such big expectations. To me however I was thankful for the invite. Thanks Girls!!

Money, Money, Money

A project to do over the christmas period. Brief that I found on the Roses student creativity awards to "Design a new £5, £10, £20 and £50 note to unify the UK's currency. As with the coins and stamps the Queen's image must be included." A brief that I thought I could create a simple design with some clever ideas with. I went with the idea of designing the notes to be each part of Britain. One side for example with imagery and languages of one country, like Scotland and then the other showing the country united.

As a proud Welsh girl, I wanted to put wales on the £50 note but thought I couldn't. I wanted o show the individuality of different parts of the country as for example, across the bottom I used the different languages to say the amount of the pound note. I think my ideas are strong but I find myself thinking the design isn't anything special. No matter what I thought of my ideas it's not the best work I have done this year in my personal opinion.

LBi finished result

I really good brief that i found myself really getting stuck into. I thought about many different ways of trying to attract attention to LBi with out being to bold or to simple. I needed to really understand the audience they wanted to attract and therefore decided that LBi has a friendly tone on there website, why not think in that why. To invite them to come and have a discussion on what they can do for them and bribing them with cakes, biscuits and tea. The idea was to make a poster of the acronyms below, in a box with a business card and a tea bag, cake or biscuits. A sample of what they would get when they came over.

After thinking of other ideas, I thought that these two images above were a good idea but others disagreed and said something was missing. In the end I found myself agreeing with them This time I found myself thinking how it could be expanded a bit more. The free items could be expanded to show having pens and ink cartridges so they have things that are useful in the office. Sticking with the idea of having a box with a business card inside, delivered to the company LBi wanted to attract, but instead of having a poster, having a postcard that is used to start the conversation going with the client. I changed the design to a way I felt was better and printed it on a special piece of paper.

The difference in paper gave a quality to it that made it that little more special. The design is so much better than the first result and I do feel the design was a success. The project was fun and I found that by doing the amount of research into the audience was one of the key reasons the project was successful.

Silence has finally been silenced

After having a discussion on my work on the project I felt for a long time that I could never finish this project. I had hit a brick wall. Silence part one was easy for me. I wanted to use the idea of trying to visually explain what the world would be like with out communication. The images below are the images that came from this project.

Then part 2 came. The brief was to create a folding document that has text on it. I struggled with it because I couldn't deiced what text to use and how to combine it with a image that I personally preferred as they were. It troubled me so much that I had to leave it for a while. In the end I found text that discussed how life would be like if there was no communication and thought of creating a small A4 poster that folded out to show the poster. 6 posters for the 6 images.

I personally thought that the final result was good. I like the images on there own however so that still stick in my mind but I believe I was able to combine the image and text to blend together in a almost.. nearly.. finalized conclusion.

busy busy bee

As you might have notice I haven't been on here for a while. Big apologies but no fear I will be going back in time to talk about what has happened in the last few months....